Fire Safety Training

Fire Safety Training

Fire Warden / Marshal Training

It is a requirement of the Fire Safety Order that relevant fire safety training is provided to all employees.
Furthermore Article 18 of the Order requires that suitable assistance is provided to the "Responsible Person' and that one or more 'competent persons' should be appointed to assist him in undertaking the fire safety preventive and protective measures.

In basic terms those competent persons appointed by the Responsible Person are normally Fire Wardens, but of course it is also imperative that those competent persons normally have: "sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable him properly to assist in undertaking the preventive and corrective measures."

This is also applicable to 'any' place of work, and as a result, of course, this also means any Construction Site.

Fire Safety Training

Falcon Fire Prevention can provide Fire Warden training for any workplace, and this includes Construction Sites. We are able to provide 'hands on' fire extinguisher training, normally on the clients premises, and courses can also be adapted to suit the clients needs.

Our trainers are highly experienced and qualified trainers, with extensive experience of presenting to various clients and different types of premises, with training provided being fully recognised by and accredited with the FPA (Fire Protection Association).

Training includes as a minimum, giving delegates an in-depth overview of the basics and the concept of a Fire Risk Assessment, and the legislative framework both behind this and applicable to most workplaces; an overview of the principles of fire behaviour, including the 'Fire Triangle' and combustion principles; and a detailed review of the need and Role of the Fire Warden.

Finishing with the selection and use of various types of portable extinguisher, successful delegates are awarded with a Fire Warden Training Certificate. This course is ideal for anyone involved with Fire Safety, whether in a normal place of work or on a Construction Site, or for any Responsible Person looking to provide suitable training to comply with his or her duties. Contact Falcon Fire Prevention for more details.

Fire Safety Training

Specialist Fire Safety

Falcon Fire Prevention also provide a suite of Fire Safety Training courses that are accredited with the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Certification Service.
Recently we have presented a seminar entitled "Fire Safety & Timber Frame Developments" which was rolled out Nationally (throughout England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland) on behalf of the APS (Association for Project Safety) and its members.
This half day Seminar, provides very useful information and Guidance on Fire Safety, Fire Risk Assessments and Legislative Guidance surrounding what is an ever increasing and high profile sector of the Construction Industry, and gives an invaluable insight into the requirements for Timber Frame in terms of mitigation and general fire safety.
With excellent feedback to date, this informative and topical Seminar contributes 3.5 points to Continuing Professional Development and is essential information for Principal Designers, who are involved with Construction and Timber Frame, in terms of understanding their Role and responsibilities under both CDM regulations and the Fire Safety Order.

Contact Falcon Fire Prevention on 02920 753159 for further details of this very popular and successful Seminar.

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